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Learning Portuguese (Not)

My travails learning Portuguese continue.  My beloved teacher, Joana Paiva, moved to Lisbon, where she has established her own school, Portuguese Connection, which is wonderful news – but I miss her and our weekly sessions!  Also, since leaving Symington last … Continue reading

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The Best Translation / A melhor tradução

Pode ler em Português ao baixo Street graffiti:  The best translation between two languages is the kiss. Next time I cannot remember the Portuguese words I need, I must try this tactic. Grafíti da rua:  Claro, proxima vez não posso … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution – em Português

Pode ler em Português ao baixo. One day last summer, in a tiny Douro village, I stopped at a café with colleagues.  Whilst they drank their coffee, I played with the sugar packets.  They were printed with words and phrases … Continue reading

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My Portuguese Mailbox

One of the smaller but noticeable differences between life here in Portugal and life in the UK or the States is that they are very big on stuffing mailboxes full of promotional materials.  Many mornings you see groups of people, … Continue reading

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Portuguese Comprehension

Have spent three days at a ViniPortugal conference, with many of the presentations in Portuguese.  This is actually the best thing for me – intensive listening for a fairly extended period of time, to real voices and real conversations.  Language … Continue reading

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Typical Day With the Portuguese Language

I have written before about trying to adjust to the Portuguese language, and my listening comprehension difficulties.  This morning I had a typical conversation – or effort thereat. Coming home from a weekend in Lisbon I found a notice in … Continue reading

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Adjusting to Life In Portugal – Language

In the prior entry I wrote about some of the motivations and logistical challenges of moving and settling into Portugal, as well as some of the culture-shock reactions.  Probably the single biggest challenge, but fun anyway, is the language (well, … Continue reading

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